San Antonio's Contemporary Arts Festival
November 9 - 12, 2016


2016 Luminaria Artists
2015 | 2014

Acts of Kindness

San Antonio, Texas

Acts of Kindness (AOK) is a praise dance troupe that has been performing together since 2007. In conjunction with dancing, they perform plays and skits, read poetry, sing, and present instrumental selections. Under the direction of Veronica L. Berry-Jones the joy of dance brings togetherness and healing.

AOK performed on November 11th at the Dignowity & Lockwood Parks.

Aerial Horizons

San Antonio, Texas

Performing their suspended aerial performance at the Hays Street Bridge. Aerial Horizon, provides top level training for students of all ages as well as offer aerial and ground act entertainment. Led by Julia Langenberg, a former core member of Blue Lapis Light with extensive national experience, Aerial Horizon is San Antonio’s only professional aerial performance company. 

Aerial Horizons performed November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Annele Spector and Kitty Williams

San Antonio, Texas

"Classics Lounge and The Griot Grille" - a storytelling soul kitchen in the heart of The Eastside. When a neighborhood newcomer comes in looking for a job, she gets a lot more than she bargained for... And none of it is on the menu! Williams plays the Griot, and through storytelling, music and video, she weaves her musings on neighborhoods and people that can never be forgotten. Written and performed by Annele Spector and Kitty Williams and featuring SkudR Jones.

Annele Spector & Kitty Williams performed on November 10th at the Little Carver Civic Center.


Austin, Texas

ARCOS is a multimedia dance company with a mission to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance. Its Luminaria original work, Spheres, is a site-specific transmedia performance installation featuring two major elements: a series of 360-degree videos which can be accessed by scanning signage with a smartphone at four different sites, and live pop-up dance performances to take place during Luminaria.

ARCOS performed on November 11th at Dignowity & Lockwood Parks.

Arlene Mejorado

San Antonio, Texas

Arlene Mejorado is a photographer, documentarian, and multimedia artist from Los Angeles, now based in San Antonio. Her photographic interests explore themes of diaspora, cultural hybridity, gender-queerness, and racial identities. Her temporary photographic murals throughout the Luminaria footprint highlight her interests in di-hybrid cultural identities.

Arlene Mejorado's murals were unveiled November 9th. They are visible at the corner of E. Houston St. & Chestnut St.

Arte y Pasión

San Antonio, Texas

Arte y Pasión Luminaria, a performance directed by Tamara Adira, is an interdisciplinary series of vignettes that sets to motion, music, and color the spectacle of human action and interaction at the Crossroads of San Antonio. The performances juxtapose flamenco with modern dance, guitar with violin, and music with visual art.

Arte y Pasión performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

ArtX Non-Profits

Houston, Texas

ArtX NonProfits presents the GlowOrama performers, fire dancers and light spinners dancing around a fire-breathing art car, creating a joyful visual spectacle in a choreographed performance that will delight all audiences. This is the second Luminaria for ArtX, who also performed in 2011.

ArtX performed on November 11th at Carver Community Cultural Center. 

Ballet San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

Ballet San Antonio's performance, “Elements” under the direction and choreography of Willy Shives, is inspired by San Antonio’s unpredictable weather. Our post-card perfect skies melt with time into a fiery sunset.  As night falls, a light rain becomes wild and heavy. Alas, we find tranquility under the Autumn Moon. The professional dance company shares its splendor of dance through diverse artistic performances and outreach programs that reflect, promote and enrich cultural heritage of our South Texas community. 

Ballet San Antonio performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

Brandon Cunningham

San Antonio, Texas

Cunningham is an individualistic neo-folk-rock singer/songwriter with a strongly individualistic, contemplative style. He writes about love, hope, God, and struggle, the tensions that lie between love and loss, chance and meaning, and brokenness and redemption. 

Brandon Cunningham performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Brett Elmendorf (r26D)

San Antonio, Texas

Elmendorf, is a Technical Designer who believes in applying the power of design to transform technology. His Luminaria project, Eastside Light Rail Experiment v1.1:Abstract Representation of Realtime Rail Kinetics Through a Closed Photoionization Process, was a data driven light sculpture along the rails of the Hays Street Bridge. This data made visibly tangible draws attention to issues of inadequate transportation on San Antonio’s Eastside.

Brett Elmendorf showcased his work on November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Calico Club

San Antonio, Texas

The collaborators, Daecos Tijerina and Kimberly Cardenas making up Calico Club, are a part of San Antonio’s electronic scene. Videoscape is an interactive installation that combines audience participation with cinematic special effects. The Luminaria audience will have access to an arsenal of everyday items and be able to use these improvisational tools to experiment with their own likeness in front of the camera with special effects using green screens and chromakey technology. 

Calico Club presented on November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.

Cuerpo Etéreo

Monterrey, Mexico

For their San Antonio debut performance founders and avant-garde choreographers Jaime Sierra and Brisa Escobedo employed a contemporary vision and aesthetic for their works of modern dance. “Alma Desnuda” (Nude Soul), a project composed for Luminaria, consists of four-pieces which together are intended to emotionally open and re-sensitize the audience. In its entirety it is set to evoke human relations and emotions through stylized physical interaction, whether a soft caress, or an aggressive approach.  

Cuerpo Etéreo performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

Daniel Eime

Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Eime is a muralist and stencil master whose world-acclaimed street art appears in galleries and public spaces in throughout Europe. His Luminaria mural on Burnet Street is a legacy contribution to the City of San Antonio and marks his debut commission in the United States.

Daniel Eime's Mural unveiled on November 10th located at the corner of N Cherry St & Burnet St.

David Hale

Chicago, Illinois

Hales art and writing uses current and burgeoning technologies to experiment with form, space, movement, and placement. His work, Engine of Virtue: Stage 2 is an animation that takes text from the Lord’s Prayer and The Diary of Anne Frank. The words are visible in the piece, but then blur into one mass, symbolizing that all virtue is connected, and that hope is universal. A mandala pattern emerges called The Flower of Life, which is symbolic of the universe in its entirety. 

David Hale's work showcased November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Diana Kersey and Kambri Hernandez

San Antonio, Texas

Create. Collapse. Create. is a performance work inspired by the perseverance, struggles, successes and beauty of loved ones who live with mental health disorders. The performance involved working glowing clay and water illuminated by UV lighting on a pottery kick wheel until it becomes precariously thin, out of balance, and ultimately collapses. To create a vessel, work it until it collapses, and then to persevere by creating it again mirrors the daily struggle of mental illness. The performance ends with a beautiful vessel.

Hernandez & Kersey performed November 11th on the grounds of the Carver Community Cultural Center.

Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzalez

San Antonio, Texas

Bernal is the Texas State Representative for District 123, and a former San Antonio City Councilperson. He's also a DJ whose experimental, instrumental releases have been acclaimed in underground hip-hop beat-maker circles. Bernal performed at the inaugural Luminaria Festival in 2008 and returns with his collaborator, Gonzales  - a music producer, DJ, and educator with over 7 albums released.

Bernal & Gonzalez performed November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.

Dixon's Violin

Detroit, Michigan

The world's premier visionary violinist, Dixon blends his classical training with soulful improvisation skills and the command of a wide range of digital technology. Dixon improvises on a 5-string electric violin with a looper to create an all-live one-man symphony. Currently touring the U.S. and beyond, he has mesmerized crowds from Burning Man to TEDx, as well as via radio and TV. This year marks Dixon's return to Luminaria. 

Dixon's Violin performed on November 11th on the grounds of the Carver Community Cultural Center.


San Antonio, Texas

Fishermen is an American indie rock soul sextet; Edwin Stephens, Roy Scarvone, Eli Medina, Omar Rosel, Gabe Medina, Jeremy Dowd; who for their Luminaria performance, lead the audience on an operatic and filmic journey inspired by the concept of civil war — not just the American Civil War, but other episodes of violence and civil unrest, whether deadly and historic, or satirical and symbolic.

Fisherman performed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park and the 12th for the Closing Party at the Healy-Murphy Center.

Future Sailor

San Antonio, Texas

Future Sailor the new project of five avid musicians: Stephanie Huskin, Diane McVey, Jonathan Valderrama, Josh Huskin and Gabe Castillo.  Led by Huskin, with her classically trained voice and melodious piano playing, and McVey, with her subtle yet enriching acoustic guitar work, the band seamlessly blends melancholic tones with dulcet vocal harmonies, achieving a mystifying yet dark and heavy sound that blends elements of pop, jazz, and indie rock. 

Future Sailor performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Garrett T. Capps and Phillip Luna

Mu-sick is an immersive conceptual music and media experiment by artists and “electronically converted former sentients” Capps and Luna, who use a mysterious apparatus called the GARPH-8772 to convert the viewer’s thoughts and feelings into “Mu-sick.”

Phillip Luna, aka “PH-72,” calls himself “a former visual and musical artist from the western hemisphere of your planet with “extensive experience in histrionics, empathy, disassociation, synthesizers, drums and bass.”

Garrett T. Capps, aka “GAR-87” is a “former musical artist & domestic byproduct from the western hemisphere with “extensive experience in impulsivity, solipsism, and rock n’ roll.” 

Gemini Ink

San Antonio, Texas

Page to Stage, presented by Gemini Ink explores how different artists (Ben Tremillo, Andrea “Vocab Sanderson, Laurie Dietrich, and Eric Bosse) translate work on the page into performance before an audience. Live performances by different types of literary artists, from poets to performance artists to playwrights, intersect with a meditation or “backstage look” at the process each uses. The featured artists collaborate with a video artist to produce a unique and experimental video.

Gemini Ink performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Iker Muro

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Iker Muro is a Spanish muralist renowned for his exuberant, semi-abstracted explosions of strong color with pop elements. His murals focus on refracted light, exploring what he calls “the power of the light shining on plants, nature and us.” His Luminaria mural “Neon Drive”, a legacy gift to San Antonio, lights up the underpass at Nolan Street. 

Iker Muro's mural unveiled November 9th at the Nolan Street Underpass.

Joan Frederick

San Antonio, Texas

Frederick; a San Antonio artist, bon vivant, and local cultural events supporter; participated in her second Luminaria festival. For 2016, she extended the idea of the minimalist aluminum boxes by Donald Judd at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, by producing similarly shaped sculptures in large cube form. Lit from within by light that progressively shifts through the colors of the rainbow. The sensory-rich result is an engaging experience rooted in art history, but changing with each moment.

Joan Fredericks work roved from Hays Street Bridge & Dignowity / Lockwood Park on November 10th & 11th.

Joe Reyes and Paul Fauerso with Film Artists

San Antonio, Texas

SET, organized by artists Joey Fauerso and Liz Rodda, is a video exhibition that combines silent films with live musical performances. Experimental in nature, the project considers the ways in which artists work in anticipation of an unknown auditory response and, in turn, how musicians and performers reply to a divergent range of imagery. This short film event will feature original compositions and performances by musicians Fauerso and Reyes, and include silent video works by Cheryl Donegan, Celeste Fichter, Duncan Ganley, Tatiana Istomina, Susan Jacobs, Maura Jasper, Liz Rodda, Luz Maria Sánchez, Barron Sherer, Joey Fauerso, and Michael Velliquette. 

Reyes & Fauerso performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Kaldric Dow

San Antonio, Texas

Dow a contemporary realistic portrait painter characterized by vibrant skin tones, intense lighting, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions. Encountering art by African-Americans in Museums as a child sparked his artistic process. Recently motivated by the significant memory, he embarked on a project to represent his heritage. For Luminaria, he will exhibit new portraits that honor women and men of the Eastside San Antonio neighborhood in and surrounding the Luminaria footprint.

Kaldric Dow presented his work on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park.

Kara Salinas

San Antonio, Texas

Artist and educator Salinas works on cross-disciplinary art, with a passion for material re-use and architecture. Tentsallation, her Luminaria project, grew from the historic Hays Street Bridge in a “pseudo-skin” of tent materials. The illuminated forms, each different in color and brightness, suggests a cloud of lanterns against San Antonio’s night sky. 

Kara Salinas' installation unveiled November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.


San Antonio, Texas

Kerfuffle an art collective formed to provoke a change in the way that people view art. For Luminaria, members Kat Berrospe, Layla Lustri and Alberto Salazar installed a pop-up gallery mobilizing art, and everything that normally surrounds it, by bringing the gallery straight to the people. The collective's intentions included raising questions about the legitimacy of the conventional gallery space as well as creating an intimate space in which viewers unify in confusion and surprise.

Kerfuffle presented the Pop-Up Gallery on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Los Dos

El Paso, Texas

Los Dos is the moniker of El Paso-based husband and wife duo Ramon and Christian Cardenas. Their legacy mural for Luminaria, lluminados, is inspired by the US and Mexico border and the lives of the people who reside there. Los Dos combine their individual styles to create street art installations and gallery work, in order to facilitate dialogue. 

Los Dos' murals unveiled November 10th at Hays Street Bridge.

Louis Katz

Corpus Christi, Texas

A ceramics professor at the Texas A & M Corpus Christi campus Katz is best known for the eclectic nature of his work with and about clay. For Luminaria, Katz presented his work “YCLAY” a six screen encompassing theater playing a clay-centric video, showcasing Katz in action creating functional-ware then transitioning to himself in a dialogue of his conceptual work. 

Louis Katz installation displayed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park.

Margaret Craig

San Antonio, Texas

Craig, Professor and Chair of Printmaking at the Southwest School of Art, exhibited The Albatross, part of her ongoing, thought-provoking sculpture series, Great Trash Reef, incorporating live performance. Craig says of the Luminaria project, “my premise is that with all the trash humans have dumped in the ocean, nature will use this abundant resource of plastic to evolve new life forms. It is a little incongruous, creating beautiful creatures out of trash, but it gives viewers a way to contemplate the ecological issues.” 

Margaret Craig presented her work November 10th at the Hays Street Brudge & 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Martinez Street Women's Center with Sarah Brooke Lyons

San Antonio, Texas

The work presented by the young women from the center & Lyons addresses San Antonio’s struggles using photography to create three large luminarias. Their work focuses on socio-economic disparities including gentrification, rising obesity, inaccessible healthcare, addiction, and homelessness. 

The Martinez Street Women's Center displayed the luminarias on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Mexican Step Grandfather

San Antonio, Texas

Mexican Step Grandfather, Marco Cervantes, is an activist, musician, poet, educator, and scholar. In his music he combines live instrumentation with intellectual lyricism and covers such topics as Texas education, institutional racism, and border politics. 

MSG performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Public Space East

San Antonio, Texas

Public Space East mobilizes local creatives to deliver projects that promote design equity, build common ground, and boost the civic and environmental health of San Antonio’s Eastside community.  Beginning with an alignment of purpose between neighbors seeking to make a lasting impact on their community, P.S. East matured into a team of design professionals, planners, and community leaders focused on the success of the Eastside’s most prominent civic space, the twin Lockwood and Dignowity Parks. A preview of this extensive and uplifting project will be staged for Luminaria.

The Public Space East project displayed their work November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park.


Austin, Texas

For Luminaria 2016, Joel Laviolette and Rattletree members will premiere new music integrated with dynamic video projection mapping, while taking audience members on a journey exploring the music of Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe. Infusing ancient forces with the intensity of modern electronic dance music, Rattletree’s music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Rattletree performed on November 11th & 12th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Ray Santisteban

San Antonio, Texas

Santisteban is an award-winning filmmaker who will exhibit a triptych of prints depicting The Zoot Suit, a style of dress featuring flamboyantly oversized trousers and jackets, worn in clubs and dance halls where swing music blurred color lines and foreshadowed Rock n’ Roll. The three couples represent the Black Panthers, Young Lords and Young Patriots who represent the Rainbow Coalition, the subject of Santisteban’s upcoming documentary, Time of the Phoenix, the First Rainbow Coalition.

Ray Santisteban presented his work November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Rick Stemm

San Antonio, Texas

Stemm, a game designer and performance artist, believes that San Antonio can be a hub of the exploration of games and art. He loves incorporating video game elements into more traditional genres and media. For Luminaria 2016, Stemm has orchestrated a multi-media, live-action, game-like performance combining live actors and video projection. The beauty of bodies in motion, imbued with hyper-stylized visual effects, will open an entirely new augmented performance space combining the digital with the actual.

Rick Stemm performed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 


San Antonio, Texas

Building on their 2013 Luminaria installation, Alumbramiento, multimedia artist and musician Saakred, in collaboration with international photographer Ellie Pritts and local architect Arturo Vilchis, multimedia artist, presents FOUR. The performance project acts as a microcosm for the unpredictable entropic and harmonious movements of the Earth. Involving audience participants with the artist, music is created using a SunVox analog synth programmer. Digital instruments including a string quartet, theremin, digital drums, and analog keys will connect to four chairs colored and lit to represent the four sacred elements: water, fire, earth, and air. 

Saakred presented Alumbramiento on November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

San Antonio New Media Collective

San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio New Media Collective, a team of six artists from UTSA; Jason Eric Martinez Gonzales, Eden Collins, Zach Slough, John Dalton Atkins, Martín Rodrígues, Mark McCoin; mounted an exhibition of kinetic human-powered sculptures built for Luminaria 2016. Employing a tricycle or quadricycle frame system; dramatic illumination, and sound elements, each pedal-driven sculpture highlights the aesthetic and conceptual framework of each artist combining art, athleticism, ingenuity, and eccentricity. Traveling in the six pedal-driven vehicular sculpture roving the Luminaria footprint viewers will be able to actively engage with each sculpture. 

SANMC traveled the Dignowity / Lockwood Park footprint on November 11th. 

Sarah Brooke Lyons

San Antonio, Texas

In 2013, Lyons created the 1005 Faces exhibition to showcase the diversity of San Antonio residents. Meditative Light Sculpture employs many elements, including shifting, glowing light and paper copies of four mantras from ancient religious traditions. The visual artwork’s intention is to create a peaceful space to heal internal and external conflicts.

Sarah Brooke Lyons presented her work November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center. 

Sujata Venkateswar and Greg Hinojosa

San Antonio, Texas

A musical collaboration between Greg Hinojosa, writer and theater artist, and Sujata Venkateswar, teacher and classical music vocalist, the performance Anamika traces the life of an immigrant from India to her life in the United States. The music draws from traditional Indian and popular American music, while the choreography explores the fusion of Indian dance with Latino, African American and popular dance forms.

The production Anamika, was performed on November 11th at The Carver: Jo Long Theater. 

Sutton Oaks Academy with Gary Schwartz

San Antonio, Texas and North Bend, Washington

Schwartz is a filmmaker, animator, director, artist & educator. In conjunction with Sutton Oaks Apartments youth, Schwartz created Staying in Motion. This series of stop-motion animations provides an intermodal perspective of the Sutton Oaks Apartments youths’ lives. The animations create an abstracted sense of space in a merging of soul and technology. 

Staying in Motion, was displayed at the Carver Community Cultural Center on November 11th. 

The Hays Bridge Poets

San Antonio, Texas

Coordinated by Octavio Quintanilla, the Hays Street Poets, four celebrated voices of San Antonio, weave an evening of illumination with the spoken word.

Christopher "Rooster" Martinez is a graduate student at OLLU's MA/MFA program in Creative Writing, the 2014 Grand Slam Champion of San Antonio, and co-founder the Blah Poetry Spot.

Dionysus Don Mathis can be found at the writers’ group at Gemini Ink, Sun Poet’s Society, the Blah Blah Blah, and the Alamo Area Poets of Texas.

DaRell Darrell Pittman, a UT graduate, former SA public school teacher, crowned the PuroSlam Grand Slam Poetry Champion of San Antonio.

Anthony "The Poet" Flores He is a co-founder of Fresh Ink Under-21 Youth Poetry Slam, and performance collective The University Of The Spoken Word. 

The Hays Street Poets performed on the Hays Street Bridge November 10th. 

The Proximity of Being

San Antonio, Texas

This collaborative installation by Proximity of Being; Barbara Felix, Amber Ortega-Perez, James A Borrego, John Ward, and Charles Perez; explores relationships in states of solitude and connectedness. Improvisational movements of two people are captured on video and the footage is looped, cycling through their intimacy, together and alone. Film, 3D Projection mapping, and animated gesture drawings illustrate the yin and yang of the human experience.

The Proximity of Being installation was presented on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

The Renaissance Guild

San Antonio, Texas

The Divas of Eastwood - The Concert is an original musical review co-produced by The Renaissance Guild and The Carver Community Cultural Center.  A musical tribute to the Chitlin' Circuit's Eastwood Country Club, Keyhole Club and Carver Community Cultural Center, where San Antonio’s black community flouted segregation laws to enjoy artists like Etta James and Louis Armstrong. For the Luminaria performance, The Little Carver recreated these legendary venues with a live band and dance floor, performances.

The Renaissance Guild performed on November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

The Three Artistas

San Antonio, Texas

Collaborating under the name “The Three Artistas,” Oscar Alvarado, Jesse Borrego and Jacinto Guevara are melding genres to provide a unique mobile art experience. Built by Alvarado in 2015, BikeSpace a six-wheeled, multi-purpose people-powered vehicle will incorporate space for actor/poet/activist Borrego to perform on, and an al fresco studio space for painter Guevara. The roving BikeSpace will travel the Luminaria footprint through out the night festival for paintings to be made and performances to be seen.

The Three Artistas traveled the 2016 footprint to and from the Carver Community Cultural Center and the Dignowity / Lockwood Park on November 11th. 


San Antonio, Texas

Art collaborators Dakota and Zachary Applebaum and Felicia Salazar are an experimental rock band and masters of the liquid light show. The Artists create a blank slate environment wherin the audience is given participation to creat the liquid ligth show. Involving the mixture of oil, water, alcohol, and colored dye in glass plates the performance is always unique creating vibrant visual projections for the playful immersive rock music. 

Verisimilitude performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Wuxi Gallery for Painting and Calligraphy

Wuxi, China

Traveling from San Antonio’s Sister City, Wuxi, the artists Mr. Chen Hao, Mr. Ge Qiang, and Ms. Geng Minxia will be exhibiting works of paintings or calligraphy. The Wuxi Art Gallery, located just west of Shanghai, is a downtown artist collective and gallery for painters, calligraphists and two-dimensional artists.

The Wuxi Gallery Artists' works were exhibited from November 8th - 12th at the Healy-Murphy Center. 

2015 Artists

A'lante Flamenco

A'lante Flamenco will be performing Quintaescencia, a new work created for Luminaria 2015. Quintaescencia is Spanish for "quintessence," or the fifth essence or element. It is a 35-minute work involving performance and video installation. The original choreography, music, and video productions of Quintaescencia invoke and explore the four elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The artists themselves imbue the work with the fifth essential element: the Spirit, in flamenco known as "el duende."

A'lante Flamenco performed on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. 

Artist website

Aesthetic of Waste, The

The Aesthetic of Waste is an experimental collaborative performance between San Antonio theater artists Abby Entsminger and Seth Larson. For Luminaria 2015, they will be putting you, the viewer, on the red carpet and in the spotlight. The prevalence of social media and contemporary life has rapidly transformed how we present ourselves to the world. The Aesthetic of Waste's performance is designed to bring awareness to this phenomenon in an interactive, humorous way.  This installation was developed with the assistance of Noah Voelkerduring a workshop in Amsterdam, and was staged at the Fuchs ball festival in Hannover Germany. Luminaria marks its United States premiere.

The Aesthetic of Waste performed an improvised piece on Friday, October 23rd.  The San Antonio Express-News named their performance as one of the top theatre moments of 2015. Writer Deborah Martin called it “a puckish interactive work."  

Artist website

Alyson Alonzo

Alyson Alonzo is a soul, jazz, and R&B singer from the south side of San Antonio. Her powerful vocals are driven by influences including Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, and Amy Winehouse. Her godfather, Oscar Lawson, co-founded the popular Doo-Wop group The Royal Jesters, and her style rings true to the deep roots of the San Antonio Soul scene. She is currently working on an untitled, self-produced Solo EP, as well as an EP with her band Sugar Skulls, both of which are set to be released before the end of the year. Alonzo was just awarded the critic's pick for the San Antonio Music Awards and SA Current wrote, "San Anto soul crooner Alyson Alonzo has been one of the most mesmerizing vocalists and pure musical talents in town."

Alyson Alonzo performed on October 23rd and on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist website


Ray Torres is a 19-year-old multidisciplinary traveling artist and recent high school graduate from San Antonio, and a member of the musical group Banda Show International. Torres created robotic alter-ego, Andro-Ray, in his garage "for fun," by making an LED helmet that he wore to parties where he DJ-ed. Later, as his resources grew, he was able to design and build the rest of the Andro-Ray suit, took up stilt-walking, and now performs at social events across the state of Texas.

Andro-Ray performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art and on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Ari Gold

Ari Gold is a film writer, director, producer, and actor. In 2001 his short film Helicopter, which dealt with the aftermath of the death of his mother Melissa in a helicopter accident, was awarded a Student Oscar. His 2010 film, Adventures of Power, was called by New York Magazine "one of the funniest films in recent years," and in November 2015, he starts shooting The Dream of the Guest, starring Udo Kier, Amanda Plummer, Jean-Mark Barr, and John Robinson. Gold also founded Power Saves the Music, which provides free music education to disadvantaged children. This is not Gold's first screening in San Antonio; his comedic short Frog Crossing won Best Short at the San Antonio Underground Film Festival in 1996. 

I Love You, Keep Going is an interactive film, where participants can bicycle behind the screen, causing the story to change. It was created and directed by Ari Gold, and edited by Edited and produced by Arya Ghavamian. This multimedia performance is in three parts which premiered on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Part One: No Riders  Nature, war, and oil production. Music by Ari Gold. Sound design by Arya Ghavamian. Footage from films by Ari Gold, Arya Ghavamian, US military, and others.

Part Two: One Rider  Trees suffer fire and the lone rider is in fear.  In the end of chapter two, we hear a radio message. In a play on words, the announcer uses Khoonin (covered with blood), instead of Khorram (Verdant/Blissful) to call the name of a city besieged in the Iran/Iraq war, saying "the city of blood is now free."

Featuring animation by Kevin Gautraud and recent California fire footage courtesy of ViralHog. Music by Arya Ghavamian.

Part Three: Two Riders Together, flying in recovered nature by bike. 

Footage by Eric Cheng, Alan Honick, and Ari Gold.  Music by Ari Gold.

"Come on my friend, step into the tavern of ruins." --Rumi, Ghazal #2309

Follow Ari at @AriGol,  AriGoldFilms.comArtist Website

Artpace Teen Council

Chalk it Up is a yearly, family-friendly arts event produced by contemporary arts laboratory Artpace, in which participating artists and festivalgoers create temporary site-specific chalk murals on Downtown Houston Street. The Artpace Teen Council are 15 San Antonio high school students who act as contemporary art ambassadors by connecting other teens to Artpace, a world-renowned contemporary art non-profit. Through its San Antonio residency program, Artpace brings in some of the most innovative art and artists from around the world. For Luminaria 2015, The Artpace Teen Council will create a “San Antonio Memory Map,” an interactive, glow-in-the-dark chalk art piece upon which audience participants are invited to tag their memories of certain places in the city, using a special legend.

Due to the Hurricane, Artpace Teen Council was unable to participate in Luminaria 2015.


Bolos, The

This “booze blues” garage band boasts a punk attitude and a talented roster of rockers: Osita, Tanner, Thomas, and Abel. Their current E.P., titled "Mercy," has taken the band on tour through El Paso, Tempe, Santa Ana and Portland. San Antonio music blog Sobre Sound praises the Bolos' ability to "carry a deep bluesy range that harmonize and correlate superbly through hints of surf guitar chords, and the western soul Thomas is able to emit through his guitar solos. The rapid deep bass Osita plays and the tempo Abel drums carry an infectious rhythm that never fails to get the crowd moving." Of their Luminaria 2015 performance, they say "the Bolos live show will be a psychedelic audio visual canvas."

The Bolos performed on October 23rd.

Artist website

Buttercup & Chris Sauter

Buttercup is a life-affirming art-rock band from San Antonio that has written hundreds of original songs that NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain.” Since 2004, the band has released 7 full length recordings and a DVD documentary. They have toured the US, and have shared the stage with Jonathan
Richman, Elliott Smith, Rhett Miller (the Old 97s), Ian Moore, Jad Fair, The Apples in Stereo, Salim Nourallah, and Willie Nelson. Buttercup’s live show often blends music with visual art, and performance art.
Buttercup's Luminaria 2015 performance is a collaboration with artist Chris Sauter. In the piece, the band is projected on a white surface while Sauter systematically cuts away blob-like pieces from the surface. The negative space multiplies throughout, culminating in a surprise ending that no one would ever guess.  Sauter's work is currently on display at Kunstler Haus in Berlin, and will travel to other art galleries in Istanbul, Prague and other great European centres for culture. 
The artists performed at the Luminaria Take Two event on November 13th in a Vacant Lot.
Chrysta Bell

Chrysta Bell, born Chrysta Bell Zucht, is a musician, performing artist and recording artist originally from San Antonio, who incorporates theatrical and multimedia elements into unique performance experiences. 

She began singing and performing very early in life, with the support and encouragement of her parents, owners of the largest recording studio in San Antonio. She became an experienced session singer and stage performer by the time she turned 14, and by 18 she had become lead vocalist for 8 ½ Souvenirs, the popular Austin, Texas- based continental swing act. During her time with the band, she was signed to RCA Victor, performed on Austin City Limits, and shared the stage with music legends from Brian Setzer to Willie Nelson. When she was 21, Bell began an ongoing collaboration with filmmaker David Lynch, which yielded both the haunting "Polish Poem" from his Inland Empre soundtrack, and the critically acclaimed album This Train.  Her latest collaboration with David Lynch, an EP titled Night Ride, will be released exclusively on 7-inch vinyl on Meta Hari Records, in January of 2016.

Luminaria 2015 marks Chrysta Bell's first live performance in her hometown of San Antonio in over ten years. She performed "The Dark Illumination of Chrysta Bell" on October 23rd.

Artist website

Convergent Media Collective, The

The Convergent Media Collective is an arts, technology and community-building coalition which originated at the University of the Incarnate Word in 2013. The group consists of artists, tech geeks, teachers, musicians, new media artists, social media professionals, photographers, activists and more, who collaborate with non-profits on cutting edge contemporary art projects. Each work of art represents a reciprocal learning and mentoring experience, where the Collective learns from each other and from their clients, while the clients are exposed to cutting edge work, and new ways of thinking about production.

During Luminaria 2015, the Convergent Media Collective debuts two new projects.

For Tortillas & Technology, member artist Andrew Valdez explores the relationship between technology, culture and art by combining a non-­traditional canvas with state ­of­ the ­art technology. The Collective invites the audience to an innovative one­-stop print station, where they may upload digital photos, and have them "printed" on a tortilla.

In Kinetic Visualization Station, A pulse sensor oximeter will measure the audience participant's pulse using a finger clip, and the resulting beat will translate into sounds. An "Aura Detection System" will measure participants' “aura” through the use of an X­Box kinect and MaxMSP/Quartz software to create visualizations that will then be projected on a large scale wall. The goal of this project is to transmit sensory information from the human body in media-inflected visions never seen before.

Kinetic Visualization Station was installed on October 23rd and November 13th at a Vacant Lot.

Tortillas & Technology will be showcased on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist website

D.T. Buffkin

Travis "D.T." Buffkin is a San Antonio-based musician who plays a semi-comic, haunting form of American music. Hector Saldaña of the San Antonio Express-News calls Buffkin's work "a combination of ragtime blues, New Orleans-flavored rock and forgotten styles of the swinging '40s, all of it fueled by clarinet, double bass, electric slide guitar and Buffkin behind his battered Baldwin organ, a relic he purchased for $69 'from a guy that just wanted it out of his house.'"

Buffkin is originally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but he grew up in San Antonio in the Monticello/Jefferson Heights neighborhood, and graduated from Clark HIgh School. He went on to study classical guitar at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Of his unique and gritty songwriting, he says "I can tell you the songs are all about either women, tattoos of women, tattoos on women, cops, libations, Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, the Grind, love and/or hate.”

D.T. Buffkin performed on October 23rd.

Artist website

Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez, Bianca Sapet, and Zombie Bazaar Panza Fusion

Debora Kuetzpal Vasquez is a multimedia artist and educator from San Antonio who reimagines archetypal myths from a Xicana feminist lens. Her work in painting, ceramics, collage, installation, and film have been shown in over 100 exhibitions worldwide, and include cartoon character Citlali, La Chicana Super Hero. Her original Luminaria performance, Curandera, tells the story of three generations of native healers through painting, movement, and music. Dancer-choreographer Giomara Bazaldua directs the work and is the founder of Zombie Bazaar Panza Fusion, a dance company that combines folklorico, flamenco, belly dance, cumbia, and fire.  Bianca Sapet, singer and lyricist, with musicians and composers Pablo Mancias and Carlos De LA Garza, draw on diverse Latin American and indigenous musical traditions to heal, transcend barriers and honor ancestral folklore.

They performed on February 19th at the the San Antonio Museum of Art at 8, 9:15 and 10:45.


Femina-X is an avant-garde power-soul band created by Daniela Riojas (vocals, autoharp, programming) and Alex Scheel (synthesizer, guitar, programming), who were later joined by Jeff Palacios (bass), Darian Thomas (Violin), and Eric Peterson (Drums). Using a blend of electronic beats, atmosphere, and foundational live instruments, the music stems from a hunger to evolve and merge magic with blues, trip-hop, jungle, and pop. Through a primal-meets-modern hybrid of machine and (wo)man, it actively hones in on the colorful space between any and all labels, while creating unconventional fusions – taking from sounds of nature, ancestors, electricity, modernity, and visions of ecstatic living.

Known for his mastery of danceable Latin-infused yet experimental beats, Alex Scheel from local psych-rock band, Pop Pistol, incorporates his knack for amplifying song performance to a shamanistic trance. Alex Scheel conducts electronic programming while skillfully toggling from voice to guitar to laptop, lending his hand at every musical element. Jeff Palacios, deepens the overall landscape with the unique task of being a rhythmic yet melodic counterpart to the electronic bass and sub-bass movements. Daniela’s chameleon voice has the range to both coo and siren, lull and frighten, always reaching from a place of passion, imagination, and child-like playfulness. Her vision, melody, and lyrics construct the world within each song, pulling from her ability to narrate and share the deeply personal with an edge of fantasy.

Femina-X has been performing continuously through-out San Antonio for exactly one year, being able to take the stage at the historic Arneson River Theater twice and receiving steady publicity from local news circuits including The San Antonio Current’s Critics Choice for the Music Award. In 2015, Femina X received a grant from The Artists Foundation of San Antonio to create a music video for their song, Frida's Heart.

One inspiration for their Luminaria 2015 performance is their recent trek through Colombia. Riojas writes:

I think the trip to Colombia provided us with a glimpse into the true power of ceremony. Ideas that we imagine through songs that we have been creating this last year were lived out in experiences during our trip. Often times while writing we do a lot of research to create songs that are embedded with characters  that experience a certain narrative that reflects internal experiences shared by some or all of us. During this stage of writing there is a great sense of longing for places and experiences that we have only daydreamed about. We build up stories of ancient places and universal characters that connect us to the great mind that is humanity. It is in these moments that the songs really develop their essence. In the wake of their creation we felt a need to truly connect to their source in real ways. We couldn't have imagined the profound ways that our experiences in Colombia would so closely reflect the concepts we explored in our song writing. The ceremonies we experienced took us into the deepest part of our psyche and in those moments we felt this feeling that finally connected to the music we conjured up months earlier . 

We hope to project the power of ceremony back to our hometown. The spirit is strong here and we need to acknowledge its power and dance with its nature . For us that is most effectively done through performance and through the use of our bodies and voice as conduit for this great spirit. It is our hope that the city will be awakened by the power of art on this night and in that vulnerable yet beautiful state we can share our message of love deeply to all the hearts that are there with us during our Luminaria performance.

Femina X performed on October 23rd.

Artist website

Gemini Ink & Gregg Barrios

Gregg Barrios is a playwright, poet, and journalist originally from Victoria, Texas. He is a 2013 USC Annenberg Getty Fellow, and serves on the board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle. He was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters this year. He is the 2015 Fall Visiting Writer at Our Lady of the Lake University. His work has appeared in Los Angeles TimesThe New York TimesTexas ObserverTexas MonthlyFilm QuarterlySan Francisco Chronicle, and Andy Warhol’s Interview. He is a former book editor of the San Antonio Express-News. He has received a CTG-Mark Taper Fellowship, a Ford Foundation Grant, and a 2013 Artist Foundation Grant for his theater work. 

Gemini Ink, incorporated in 1992, is commited to addressing the dynamic needs of San Antonio writers and readers.  They offer three programs, Writers in Communities, Community Writing Classes and the Autographs Series, to help people create and share the human story.

For Poetry in Motion, Gregg Barrios, Joe Jimenez, Toni Franklin, Carmen Tafolla, and  Ben Holguin share their poetry set in a collaborate fusion of performance, film, and music. This culturally diverse collective bring a 21th century vibe to spoken word performance.

Barrios and Company performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art at 10:00 PM.

Guillermo Gómez-Peña

Guillermo Gómez-Peña is a Chicano performance artist, art theorist and activist. He is the Creative Director of La Pocha Nostra, a "Conceptual Institute of Hybrid Art" whose network of trams-disciplinary artists have presented work at the Tate Modern, The Whitney Biennial, The Guggenheim Museum, and LACMA. He has also authored ten books addressing the US-Mexico border, immigration, and globalization. Gómez-Peña came to world prominence in 1992 with "The Year of the White Bear and Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit the West," a satirical performance in which Peña and his collaborator Coco Fusco displayed themselves in a cage wearing grass skirts and wrestling masks at museums, zoos and theaters in the U.S., Latin America and Europe. He has been awarded a United States Artists Fellowship, an American Book Award, and was the first Chicano artist to receive a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship. Peña presents a Texas premiere of “Imaginary Activism” for Luminaria.

Gómez-Peña performed on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist website


Hyperbubble, described on Wikipedia as an “international visual and performing arts electro pop/synthpop duo,” consists of Jeff DeCuir and Jess Barnett DeCuir, musicians and college art teachers. More than just a band, Hyperbubble is a collection of graphic art, audio, video, live performance, and photography. The Texan duo have toured Europe four times and have several CD releases on European labels. A "Hyperbubble Live in London" CD was released in September 2015.

Hyperbubble's Luminaria 2015-6 project is a performance of their music coexisting with video projection and costumes. The project title, “Bionic Hoedown,” reflects their technical whimsy and Texas roots.

They performed on February 19th in front of the San Antonio Museum at 8:15 PM an 10:45 PM. 

Artist website

John Hernandez

John Hernandez is a visual artist from San Antonio, where he currently lives and works. He received his M.F.A. from the University of North Texas, Denton, after studying at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio.He has recieved fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mid-America Arts Alliance. His work has been shown throughout Texas, the U.S., and Europe. Solo exhibitions include DW Gallery, Dallas; Moody Gallery, Houston; Plus-Kern Gallery, Brussels ; Dallas Museum of Art (1992); Otto Schweins Gallery, Koln, Germany (1994); Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio (1996); Sculpture Center, New York (1998, with Kaleta Doolin); Dallas Visual Art Center (1998) and Sala Diaz, San Antonio (1999). In 1988, his work was included in Contemporary Art From Texas at the Groninger Museum, The Netherlands.

Drawing on popular culture, John Hernandez’s paintings and sculptures seem caught in a psychedelic moment. His dynamic polychrome forms confront the viewer with familiar yet fragmented forms: a virus, a cartoon figure, a carnival.

For Luminaria 2015, Hernandez constructed one monumental sculpture at the San Antonio Museum of Art on February 19th.

Jonathan Sims

Jonathan Sims is a Brooklyn-based painter from Austin who first exhibited his work in San Antonio, at the SMART Fair, FLIGHT, and Bihl Haus Arts. In early 2013 he and his fiancée opened the SoPac Studio space in Southtown San Antonio. Later that year, Jonathan moved to Brooklyn, where he joined the Wayfarers Brooklyn Studio Collective in Bedford-Stuyvesant. In 2015, he was selected as a Media Arts Fellow by BRIC Arts in downtown Brooklyn.  Sims, who first exhibited with Luminaria in 2013 in the galleries of the Instituto Cultural de Mexico, returns to San Antonio with his sculptural and projected interpretations on ancient symbols of spirituality.

For Lumianria 2015, Sims presents “A Conjuration,” a digital animation of geometric forms projected onto freestanding objects. Sims focuses on two ancient symbold of spirituality and devotion; the mandala, and the menhir. A mandala is a traditional Buddhist symbol, often of divine figures within a system of concentric circles, and used for purposes of meditation. A menhir is an obelisk-like unit of upright standing stone, found singly or in groups, and are particularly numerous in Western France, the UK, and Ireland. Their purpose is largely unknown. Sims will construct stand-in menhirs of foamboard and reflective paint, and will project the animations onto them. 

Sims work was presented on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist Website

Jump-Start Performance Co.

Jump-start Performance Co. will be represented by three stiltwalkers for Luminaria 2015. Their costumes and props are built to incorporate spectacle and light. Each performer will assume a character as they parade through and merge with the crowds, relating to the people and places of lumen aria. Jump-start is a company that creates its own work. All aspects of theater magic are part of their vocabulary. Their mission states, "as professional theater artists. We know how to design work for a place, an issue, and event, a cause, or just for the joy of engaging with our audience."

Jump Start Performance performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist Website

Liz Rodda

Liz Rodda is an interdisciplinary artist living in Austin, Texas. Her work has recently been presented in solo exhibitions at the Crisp Ellert Art Museum, FL; David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX; and Lawndale Contemporary Art Center, Houston, TX. Past screenings and exhibitions include: The Festival of (In)Appropriation, The Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Surf Club, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA; The Texas Biennial, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX; and Optic Nerve; The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. She is an Assistant Professor of Expanded Media at Texas State University, School of Art and Design. Luminaria 2015 will be screening her playful, immersive video loop, Bonus Track

Rodda's video was screened October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art and  on February 24th at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

Artist website

Margarita Cabrera

Margarita Cabrera is a sculptor and assemblage artist born in Monterrey Mexico, who now lives and works in El Paso, Texas.
Her work explores the relationship between the United States and Mexico. She creates sculptures made from materials ranging from vinyl, fabric and ceramic, and that replicate specific objects, such as cars, tractors, and pieces of machinery, often sewn together in a technique not dis-similar from that of the soft sculptures of Claes Oldenburg. 

Cabrera performed on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist website

Marmon Mok

Marmon Mok is a architectural design practice founded by Harvey V. Marmon, Jr. and Edward Mok in 1953 with a legacy of renowned landmark projects, including the Tobin Center for Performing Arts, the renovation of the Lila Cockrell Theater, Terminal 1 of the San Antonio International Airport, the Alamodome, the and the expansion of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Kaleidoscope, Marmon Mok's Luminaria 2015 project, is an interactive installation that transports an image of the viewer through a glass prism and into an alternate space, converting it into a beautiful, ever-transforming pattern. Of their art and architectural work, Marmon Mok states, "We create sculpture for people to inhabit. We are artists. We share that restless need for creating. We treasure every step of the creative process: from the spark of a new concept to the amazing feeling of seeing it transform and ultimately materializing. We enjoy exploring new mediums and challenging our limits."

Kaleidoscope was exhibited on February 24th at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.


Más Rudas

Más Rudas is a Chicana art collective based in San Antonio. Members Ruth Leona Buentello, Sarah Castillo, Kristin Gamez, and Mari Hernandez have been creating installations together since 2009, using video, photography, illustration, performance, and fiber arts to demonstrate Chicana identities, including the quineañera adolescent and the stereotypical urban homegirl. Their work subverts the traditional canon of art, and "challenges the view of women as subordinate, passive, inferior, dainty, and polite." Más Rudas has exhibited at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Gallery and at ArtPace in San Antonio, the Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, and Slanguage Studio in Los Angeles. One of several definitions of the name Más Rudas is "to be tough, to be defiant, and without apology."

Más Rudas' Luminaria 2015 project, called Walking Altars, is an original performance confronting contemporary American experiences of oppressed people. Incorporating handmade costumes, Más Rudas personify the South Texas tradition of yard altars. Each altar will represent a specific issue chosen by a collective member. In addition to addressing contemporary events, Walking Altars is inspired by the seminal East Los Angeles Chicano art Collective, ASCO.

Walking Altars was performed on October 23rd and on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.


Mignon Harkrader

Mignon Harkrader, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana has lived in San Antonio since 1982. She received a BFA and an MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a concentration in painting. She also studied at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York and the Instituto di Belle Arte, Florence Italy. Her work is imbued by the carnivalesque traditions she grew up with in New Orleans and she enjoys working with discarded materials.

Hey Babe Your Hair’s Alright consists of paintings by Mignon Harkrader, and wigs by Harkrader and Jonathan Sanford.  These works were on exhibit on October 23rd and November 13th.

Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez is a choreographer, writer, and teacher who has expanded the conventions of dance into a wildly diverse, human-centered practice. He has created a conceptual workout form called "Deep Aerobics," performed communally with audiences at The American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and The Politics of Ecstasy Festival in Berlin. In "Storing the Winter," he collaborated with American "harmoniumist/electronicist" Jaime Fennelly, who built mountainous sonic electronic waves and elicited Gutierrez' immediate, lyrical gestures into an immersive live performance. Of his creative mission, Gutierrez states, "I am a dancer. I write poems. I make songs and music with my voice and rudimentary knowledge of instruments. I think that we are all powerful people." Originally from Colombia, Gutierrez lives and works in New York City.  For Luminaria, Gutierrez performs Age & Beauty: Part 1 – Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/, a work commissioned for the 2014 Whtiney Biennial as a Texas premiere.

Age & Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note or &:-/ is the first of a suite of queer pieces Gutierrez is creating over the course of three years that addresses the representation of the dancer, the physical and emotional labor of performance, tropes about the aging gay choreographer, the interaction of art making with administration, the idea of queer time and futurity, and mid-life anxieties about relevance, sustainability and artistic burnout. Part 1 is a duet for 44 year old Gutierrez and 25 year old performer/dancer Mickey Mahar and follows from a packed set of precise unison dances to an irreverent and celebratory corruption of orderliness, suggesting modes of communication and relations where hyper-emotional affect is not only the conceptual and choreographic core of the performance, but also the only hope for continuing in this F-ed up world.

The performance was on October 23rd & October 24th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Artist website

Momo & Pompa

Maureen (Momo) Brown and Charles Harrision (Pompa)

Maureen “Momo” Brown and Charles Harrison “Pompa” are an artist couple that celebrate the creative process and have recently combined their talents together as Pi Arts San Antonio.  Their collaboration is a kaleidoscope of color, textures, media, and patterns that result in the most amazing and artful paintings, light sculptures, installations, photography, and playful decorative recycled furniture. Our mission- like “Pi” is to INSPIRE using a multi-disciplinary approach to creating environmental and culture conscious, exploratory, and multi-sensory interactive art installations with the goal through art to provide awareness to connectivity in all things and for children of ALL ages!

Charles Harrison or “Pompa”, as he is known in the art world, is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, where he studied art and music at La Casa de la Cultura and Casa de las Artes Visuales.  He has an associates in fine art from San Antonio College, and has over 20 years of experience (with over 300 exhibitions) creating and exhibiting his paintings, sculptures, pottery, music, and videos in Texas, Mexico, and Arizona. Along with paintings, Pompa is known in South Texas for his massive and colorful public light sculptures, including previous Luminaria events. Pompa is inspired by all and his art philosophy is to absorb and funnel information from his past and the present and materialize volume, shape, and light into a multi-dimensional form.

Maureen Brown, or “Momo”, is a native San Antonian, and earned an MA in Anthropology/Archaeology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is both a practicing visual artist and has over 20 years experience as an archaeologist, museum professional, and public educator. Momo has exhibited her paintings, “Momo” designs, and photography in galleries and restaurants in Texas and Florida. Her “Momos” are free-flown “In the Moment” as whimsical puzzles of interconnected animals, faces and images.  

Momo and Pompa together have custom designed gallery and restaurant exhibitions for the public and private sector in San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi. Local highlights include the jellyfish chandeliers created for Starfish Restaurant and since 2013 created massive light sculpture “Calaveras” and “Catrinas” for the City of San Antonio’s annual Day of the Dead MuertosFest. They are excited to create for the first time massive colorful light sculptures of the San Antonio Mission trail, San Antonio' newly designated World Heritage Site.

The Missions were exhibited on October 23rd and one mission was exhibited at both the February 19th and the February 24th Luminaria Take Two events.


Artist Miguel Mejia, better known as Neuzz, creates detailed scenes merging traditional symbols with a mythical world of characters. Born in Mexico City, Nuezz graduated with a Graphic Design degree from Universidad del Valle de Mexico.  Nuezz uses bold colors and distinctive lines to call attention to Mexican imagery, pre-Hispanic graphics, and contemporary street culture. In addition to working as a muralist, Nuezz creates archeological illustrations for the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. 

His work has been published and reviewed in newspapers, magazines, and books worldwide.  He has participated in exhibitions at the Museum of the City of Mexico, Graphic Arts Institute of Oaxaca, and Art Basel Miami.

Neuzz will be painting an original, site-specific mural for Luminaria 2015 on W. Jones Street.   The mural was lit up on February 19th. 

Nils Westergard

NilsWestergard is a nomadic Belgian-American street artist and film maker who's murals and stenciled works can be found across the US, Europe, and Australia. Using imagery of social unrest, his friends, and increasingly surreal portraiture he approaches a variety of subjects with a characteristic style. Between hip-hop videos, animations, murals, and paper cuts his work is constantly redefining its parameters and exploring disciplines. Nils is proudly based in Richmond, Virginia. He will be creating an original mural for Luminaria 2015 titled, “I am no one” with Beth Cavener Stichter”

The mural is on W. Jones Street at the Cross Fit builging and was lit up on February 19th.

Artist Website


New-York based dance troupe OUI DANSE studies and reflects the human condition with grotesque elegance. Theatrical and story-telling, OUI DANSE pushes the limits of physicality and artistry. The movement is unguarded and marries risks with a visceral connection to emotions, bringing humanity, for all to identify with. REVERBdance Award Winner and Audience Favorite, OUI DANSE is a project base dance company created by French Artistic Director and Choreographer Brice Mousset in 2013. For his artistry, Mr Mousset received the Edward Suzberger grant and sponsorship from Entrust Partner in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

OUI DANSE received a standing ovation at the Jacob's Pillow Festival and Ailey Citigroup Theater last summer. The company performed for numerous festivals in NYC such as Danspace, Gratitude Project, Nudance, Peridance presents, Dumbo Dance and more. As a teacher and choreographer, Mousset has worked for insitutions including SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Art, Alvin Ailey solo BFA Senior Program, French Academy of Ballet, Broadway Dance Center, Peridance Capezio Center, STEPS on Broadway, and the Joffrey Ballet. This Fall, he will collaborate with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation New Directions Choreography Lab with a grant from the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 

OUI DANSE presents a new work, Urbountry, commissioned for Luminaria, San Antonio.  They performed on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Artist website

Overland Partners

Architectural firm Overland Partners invites the Luminaria 2015 audience to inhabit Spectrum, an installation in the courtyard of their newly-renovated Hughes Warehouse office. Spectrum creates a transcendent experience in an otherwise commonly occupied space by using panels of dichroic glass to reflect and refract light onto festival goers below. The audience is an essential part of an art experience,  inextricable with the work, rather than passive viewers.

Spectrum was installed on October 23rd on Jones Avenue.


Overtime Theater, The

Since 2007, the Overtime Theater has staged innovative and accessible theater shows to the San Antonio audience at an affordable price. The shows are all either new, original works, or unconventional reimaginings of pre-existing work. The Overtime has produced over 50 new shows, and focuses on the new voices of San Antonio playwrights.

The Overtime presened its Luminaria 2015 performance, The Case of the Flaming Starship and the Noirtese Falcon, on October 23rd.  Their Improv Actors performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.



Austin-based, Rattletree has dedicated their lives to learning the ancient trance inducing rhythms of Zimbabwe.  This music has been passed down for generations, invoking ecstatic awakening through the ages.  Living with their teachers in hills of Zimbabwe, they've been granted permission to transmit these vibrations to the world. Infusing these ancient forces with the intensity of modern electronic dance music, Rattletree creates an experience described by the Austin Live Review as "a portal to a magical dimension filled with vibrant African dance music, gargantuan hand-built wooden marimbas, a kaleidoscope of light and color, and the ecstatic stage show".

"Moving the Ancient Forward," Rattletree's Luminaria 2015 performance, features an original score written for giant Zimbabwean marimbas and integrates video projections.  

They performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.


Resymbol, PASA


RESYMBOL is a public art project that explores the creative use and placement of artist-designed symbols within San Antonio’s urban downtown environment. It is part of Public Art San Antonio's the X MARKS THE ART program, which aims to activate underutilized and vacant downtown properties by introducing dynamic art installations and happenings throughout the center city.  X MARKS THE ART was a feature during Luminaria 2013.
RESYMBOL highlights San Antonio-based artists whose own works feature evocative and sometimes-enigmatic symbols and signs. These symbols will be reproduced in a variety of ways, which may include: banners, vinyl prints, cut vinyl, wall and building graphics, floor graphics, acrylic- or metal-mounted prints. The artworks featuring these symbols will then be thoughtfully integrated into the cityscape in multiple locations downtown, and includes the footprint of Luminaria 2015 on October 23rd.
Featured Artists: Ricky Armendariz, Waddy Armstrong, Elizabeth Carrington, Paula Cox, Michael Menchaca, Ethel Shipton, Robert Tatum, and Louis Vega Treviño
Richard Edson

Richard Edson is an actor, musician, filmmaker, photographer, and writer. He has appeared in over 70 films and television shows, including Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than Paradise, and Oliver Stone's Platoon. He has played in several bands including Konk and Tito & Tarantula, and was the original drummer for Sonic Youth. In addition to several solo gallery exhibitions, his photographs have appeared in Juxtapoz magazine, and contributed photos and articles to Skin & Ink, and Wax Poetics. He is currently at work on a novel, The Pit.

Edson is the director of short narrative films including Double Date (16 min), and the just completed New York Nocturne, and umerous experimental films. 

Luminaria 2015 will screen a series of Edson's short films shot and edited over the last five years, each dealing with a specific cultural and cinematic theme and idea. These include Brotherhood of the Drum, Don't Drink in the Afternoon, Here Comes Everybody, The Paint Job, The End, The Ghost on Sandy Plains Road, and Rooftop Sonata #1.

Of this suite of short films, Edon says, "Most have humor, some do not. Some had a clear plan going in, some did not. They are all constructed from footage shot and edited by myself. Each are put together with a tight structure in mind. All are intended to be enjoyed (some may even inspire thought.)  None are didactic and none serves an argument or definitive point of view.  All are expressions of deep curiosity about the possibilities of filmmaking outside the constraints of budget and rigid, ossified systems of filmmaking."

Edson's works were screened on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art and February 24th at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts.

Ronnie Cramer

As the maker of experimental films like Back Street Jane and Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend, Ronnie Cramer been singled out by critic Joe Bob Briggs as "an inspired Demento who's made some of the finest underground films of this century." In 2003, Cramer's documentary Highway Amazon was named best documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival, the Miami Short Film Festival and at the 40th Annual Humboldt film Festival. As a musician,  his work has achieved airplay on over 150 radio stations around the world. Cramer is also a noted Harley-Davidson enthusiast whose Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index site has been a top resource for bikers since 1996. 

For Luminaria 2015, Ronnie Cramer debuts SA, an animated film tour of San Antonio; it is made up of approximately four-thousand individual watercolor paintings. 

Cramer's film was screened on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art and on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Artist website

Sam Lerma

Sam Lerma is a filmmaker and educator originally from Harlingen, Texas. Awarded Staff Pick for "Best Local Filmmaker" in the 2015 San Antonio Current's Best Of Awards, Lerma has shown his work at South by Southwest, the L.A. Shorts International Film Festival, the San Francisco Shorts Film Festival, the Canada International Film Festival and the Long Island Latino International Film Festival, where Lerma earned the “Best Director” award. 

His Luminaria 2015 project,  will be a film/video projection, mapped onto the "warehouse" wall at the San Antonio Museum of Art. There will be a short narrative film about a young woman's daydream. In her dream she becomes a flamenco dancer that destroys everything in her presence with aggressive dancing. As everything around her begins to crumble she creates a blank canvas, that will become her final resting place, a large beautiful painting. The narrative will be a spectacle complete with stunning visual effects, and will begin how it ends, which will make it an endless loop.

Olivia was screened on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

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San Antonio Film Festival

The San Antonio Film Festival will screen a compilation of films from the 2015 San Antonio Film Festival.

Films are directed by Rodney Greenwood, Dave Novak, Danny Yourd, Drew Garces, Kimberly Suta, Laura Varalel, Demar Gunter, Isaac Rodriguez, Mike Fisher.  

The films were screened on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art and on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.


San Antonio Jazz Ensemble

The San Antonio Jazz Ensemble (SAJE) merges multidisciplinary forms of creative expression with contemporary dance. During the festival, SAJE dancers will steer the direction of traditional showings film, live music, and poetry. The performers will take inspiration and cues from each of these forms, and will reflect back kinetically to their fellow performers, creating a dynamic, ever – evolving feedback loop to provoke a strong emotional reaction on the part of the spectators. The San Antonio Jazz Ensemble will also create separate pop-up dance performances in spaces delineated only by light, liberating dance from a conventional stage, and bringing the experience to street level.

SAJE collaborators include: Poet Tessa Maropis, Filmmakers Aubyn and Sterling Armstrong and Musician Rachel Laven.

They performed on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Sarah & Victor Pagona

San Antonio artists Sarah and Victor Pagona have created a loop 15 minutes long of dreamlike video imagery. This piece is about time, place, and history, as slow-moving horizontal video shots play off of vertical screen structures, and move the viewer from box to box. The audience will experience landscapes and cityscapes as the boxes become architectural forms.  The two artists and educators, Sarah teaches in the San Antonio public school system and Victor, Chair of the Photography Department at the Southwest School of Art have created new works annually for Luminaria.

The Pagona's exhibited on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.


Serving San Antonio’s youth, SAY Sí is a year round, long-term, non-profit multidisciplinary arts program that provides students opportunities to develop artistic and social skills in preparation for higher educational advancement and professional careers.

For SAY Sí's Luminaria 2015 project, a group of 5-6 high school artists in visual arts, media arts and theatre arts will work together to plan, build and install a site-specific work that will speak to SAY Sí's mission for community engagement in the arts. A major goal for this project is to provide high school students to the process and production of public art. The student artists will focus on the use of light, repurposed materials, and viewer interaction to broaden the idea of what art is, what art can be and how we engage with art in our everyday lives.

Say Si exhibited on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

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Scotch! is a San Antonio street artist and muralist who pushes the limits of stencil art through the planning and creation of larger than life murals, making his mark on San Antonio, and inspiring new generation of artists. His imagery is often brightly colored and disjunctive, with figures in various familiar but mysterious character roles: as Star Wars storm troopers, Renaissance portrait subjects. He locates these on multicolored, often banded or bisected picture planes, playfully evoking paper-cut collage and video monitor test patterns.

Scotch's mural is on Avenue B, near E. Jones Street.  It was lit up on February 19th.

Seme Jatib

Seme Jatib

Dancer, choreographer and media artist who creates live and cyber performances incorporating different arts such as music, film and media. Her work has been considered pioneering in dance for the Internet. At this year’s Luminaria, she will be presenting "Media Naranja/ Better Half", an original contemporary dance performance that reflects upon living life as a couple,getting inspiration from interviews of couples from different cultures and backgrounds.

Dancers: Yosvany Cortellan, Mireya Donahue, Lester Benitez, Cenezca Wasslossky.  Film by Pete Barnstrom

Media Naranja / Better Half premiered on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

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Siyon Jin

Siyon Jin graduated with a M.F.A. from Pratt Institute School of Art & Design.  Throughout his career, he has experimented and created art using light, new media and performance. Today, Mr. Jin experiments with various genres.  His main focus has been taking on new challenges and creating work based on his own formative language.  He is also an adjunct professor at Kyung Hee University and artistic director of SIYON MEDIA.

In 2005, he participated in the MMCA Changdong Residency in Seoul, Korea, where artists are able to find new opportunities for funding and connect with other artists.  

He has also exhibited his work at Mediacity Seoul, an international media art Biennale, and in 2006 at the Gwangju Biennale, the renowned contemporary art festival a several years later, in 2012, he directed the first Media Art Festival in Gwangju, Korea as an exhibition director.  Mr. Jin is from Gwangju, Korea, one of San Antonio’s sister cities.  Gwangju is called the City of Lights and is known for its LED lighting technology.  It is fitting that the two cities have a strong relationship as San Antonio is also greatly interested in light, art and technology, as is illustrated in the hugely popular annual Luminaria Festival.  Both Gwangju and San Antonio are cities deeply interested in technological advancements, but continue to have a strong interest in supporting the work of artists like Siyon Jin.

Siyon Jin and his team presented their work on October 23rd.

spare parts

San Antonian Mary Cantu, founder of the eco-arts nonprofit spare parts, has worked in the fields of arts, education & culture in San Antonio for over 10 years. Community engagement, art, education & green living inform and inspire spare parts, a project dedicated to: cultural & environmental sustainability; affordability & accessibility to the arts; & community, education & creativity, green-style. Its main objective is to connect with various agencies & businesses to provide a steady supply of materials, which would otherwise be thrown away, for the artistic community & educators to increase the creative & cultural energy of San Antonio. Her vision is to transform spare parts from a volunteer effort to a full-time organization.

Moving Painting is a cross-disciplinary performance and visual art experience for Luminaria 2015. Participants will be held by low-hanging aerial swing hammocks and equipped with non-traditional paintbrushes as they are swung horizontal to the ground. Onlookers will observe the performance of the dynamic performing painters as they create artwork live, on canvasses collected from San Antonio thrift stores.

Moving Painting occupied the Cross Fit gym on W. Jones Avenue on October 23rd.


Stephen O'Malley

Stephen O'Malley is a guitarist, composer, journalist, and visual artist originally from Seattle, now living in Paris. He's known primarily for his work in the diverse metal genre, including the subgenres of dark ambient, experimental, doom, and drone metal. He has collaborated with artist across disciplines, including musicians Burning Witch, Grave Temple, Boris and Michio Kurihara, Julian Cope, and writers JIm O'Rourke and Alan Moore.

Stephen O'Malley performed Saturday, October 24th at the 1011 Club on Avenue B.

Stuart Allen

Stuart Allen is a visual artist whose work deals with fundamental elements of perception such as light, time, gravity and space. His photographs, sculpture and installation have been shown throughout the U.S. and abroad and his work is found in many collections.

Allen studied architecture at Kansas University and graduated from the photography and video department of the Kansas City Art Institute in 1993. He lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Bubble, Allen's Luminaria 2015 project, is a looped, slow-motion video documenting the brief life of a bubble. Within the playful form of a soap bubble, daylight is deconstructed and re-assembled. As a bubble is tossed and turned by the wind, its shape and thickness are constantly changing, creating ephemeral and unpredictable patterns of color. The bubble becomes a lens through which we witness the complexity of daylight.

His work was screened on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art and on February 24th at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Virginia Grise and Rafa Esparza

A collaboration between Rafa Esparza and Virginia Grise commissioned for Luminaria San Antonio, and inspired by the writings of Joe Jiménez, flesh and bone, and from the Earth’s body: how do you pull your own sadness up from the ground? is an intimate site specific performance ritual inspired by Jiménez’s The Presence of Absence and Kites.  It was performed October 23rd through to October 24th.


Rafa Esparza

Esparza was born, raised, and is currently living in Los Angeles. Esparza is a multidisciplinary artist. His work ranges in medium from installation, sculpture to drawing, painting; and predominantly live performance. Woven into Esparza’s bodies of work are his interests in history, personal narrative, and kinship. He is inspired by his own relationship to colonization and the disrupted genealogies that come forth as a result of. Esparza is persistent in staging situations where he attempts to experience a time and space inaccessible to him. Using live performance as his main form of inquiry; site specificity, materiality, memory and (non)documentation are primary tools in interrogating, critiquing and examining ideologies, power structures and binaries that problematize the “survival” process of historicized narratives and the present environments wherein people are left to navigate and socialize. 

Esparza has performed in a variety of spaces ranging from community engaged places such as AIDS Project Los Angeles, to galleries and museums including The Vincent Price Art Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, Human Resources, SOMArts and most recently public sites through out the city of L.A. He is a recipient of an Emerging Artist 2014 California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Artists, a 2014 Art Matters grantee, and a 2015 recipient of a Rema Hort Mann Foundation Emerging Artist Grant.

Virginia Grise

From panzas to prisons, from street theatre to large-scale multimedia performances, from princess to chafa – Virginia Grise writes plays that are set in bars without windows, barrio rooftops, and lesbian bedrooms. Her play blu was the winner of the 2010 Yale Drama Series Award and was recently published by Yale University Press. Her other published work includes The Panza Monologues co-written with Irma Mayorga (University of Texas Press) and an edited volume of Zapatista communiqués titled Conversations with Don Durito (Autonomedia Press).

Virginia is a recipient of the Whiting Writers' Award, the Princess Grace Award in Theatre Directing, the Playwrights’ Center’s Jerome Fellowship, the Loft Literary Center’s Spoken Word Fellowship, Pregones Theatre’s Asuncion Award for Queer Playwriting, and is a Time Warner Fellow Alum at the Women's Project Theatre Lab. She has taught writing for performance at the university level, as a public school teacher, in community centers, women’s prisons and in the juvenile correction system. She holds an MFA in Writing for Performance from the California Institute of the Arts and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York - where she still writes plays about Tejas.

Joe Jiménez

Joe Jiménez is the author of The Possibilities of Mud (Kórima 2014) and Brightest Noise (Arte Público 2016). Jiménez was the recipient of the 2012 Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Prize and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. The short film “El Abuelo,” directed by Dino Dinco, based on Jimenez’s poem, has been screened in Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, and the US. He lives in San Antonio and is a member of the Macondo Workshops.  His recent poems can be found in Fourth River, Southern Humanities Review, Codex, and Borderlands Texas Poetry Review.

William Basinski

William Basinski is an avant-garde composer based in New York, whose most famous work is "The Disintegration Loops," an original composition created in 2002-2003 from the decaying loops of twenty years' worth of his older works on tape. Originally from Houston, Basinski studied jazz saxophone and composition at North Texas State University in the late 1970s before embracing the new-jack minimalism and process-based abstract composition of fellow composers Brian Eno and Steve Reich.

Basinksi performed on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

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Woonhak Chung

Woonhak Chung is a Korean artist whose frequent use of classic forms of the Buddha, combined with light and color, create public art experiences of radiant, meditative joy.

Chung is a graduate of the Staatliche Hochschule fur Bildene Kunste in Germany. 

His work was exhibited on October 23rd at the San Antonio Museum of Art and can now be seen installed at the City of San Antonio's Department for Arts & Culture.

2014 Artists

Albert Reyes

Albert Reyes is a painter and illustrator with a passion for dark humor and Halloween.

Alejandro Diaz

"Alejandro Diaz is originally from San Antonio, where he developed a provocative and pertinent body of work exemplifying the complex and visually rich cultural milieu particular to South Texas and Mexico. He has lived in Mexico City, and is currently based in New York City.


Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro Guzman is a sculptor and performance artist. Originally from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Guzman has lived and worked in New York since 2004. His works are mobile, wearable, performances of confrontation.

Alvaro Ruíz

Alvaro Ruiz is a sound and performance artist from Mexico City.

Andy Benavides

Andy Benavides is a San Antonio-based artist and educator. Of his work, he says "I study the behavior and structure of the physical and experiential. Through this observation gives me the cliché “Artistic Freedom “ to break the rules and find answers through the experiment, like a scientist. I am always cautious of the word, too literal for describing the visual." 

Anne Wallace

Anne Wallace is a conceptual artist based in San Antonio. Her public commissions and video projects engage the natural and cultural histories of their sites: an inner city neighborhood, an urban park, a restored grassland, the US/Mexico border, the American West.

Augie Meyers

Augie Meyers' style and his Vox Continental has become one of music's most distinctive keyboard sounds around. Augie can be heard with the Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornados, Meyers’ solo efforts as well as on landmark albums by Bob Dylan (”Time Out of Mind” and “Love and Theft”) and John Hammond (“Wicked Grin”). Echoes of the Meyers' style and sound can be heard in the music of the Doors, the Kinks, the Animals as well as the Beatles just to name a few. Meyers has always pursued projects that interest him as an individual and as a collaborator and has long refused to lock himself into one style of music.

Avi Avalos (Mr. Piñata San Antonio)

Avi Avalos is from San Antonio Texas. Print maker, painter, sculptor , conceptual/visual artist and fashion designer. Exhibitions and performances span from west to east cost of the US. His work is in collections private and corporate, including Southwest Airlines, and Pat O Brian's. He has worked with the San Antonio Children's Museum, the McNay Art Museum, and the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.

Basco Vazko

Basco Vazko is a Chilean Street and Graffiti artist who lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Born 1983 Basco Vazko works as a painter and collagist in different mediums, places and surfaces ranging from vintage magazines, paper, stones and shells. Since 1998 has painted public pieces in Santiago, Valparaíso, Sao Paulo, Provo, Utah; New York, Nantes, Portland and his work has been exhibited in Beijing, Paris, San Francisco, Valencia, LA, Portland and Santiago.

BFA Students from Southwest School of Art

The BFA Inaugural students will be presenting a projection piece through the second floor of the Southwest School of Art’s Navarro Campus, working alongside their Drawing I professor, Vincent Valdez.

Blue Star Contemporary
Buró de Intervenciones Publicas (BIP)

"The Buró de Intervenciones Públicas (Bureau of Public Interventions, BIP) is a collaborative project by Stefan Benchoam and Christian Ochaita that originated as a direct response to the lack of public spaces and infrastructures for recreation and socialization in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Their work incorporates various elements of architecture, art, design, and urbanism, hoping to modify the way in which citizens relate with the open spaces of their cities."

Chris Sauter

Drawing from varied sources such as architecture, history, science, agriculture and religion, Sauter's work explores the links between biology and culture, the present and the past, the personal and the universal.

Cinthia Marcelle

Cinthia Marcelle lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (1996-1999).

Marcelle uses video and photography to document the effects that her interventions have on the usual order of things. Marcelle’s work is particularly inspired by the chaos and turmoil of possibilities found in everyday life. She tries to gain a distance from this chaos and re-organise the disorder formally. Her actions create situations that challenge our notions of conventional behaviour by introducing humorous coincidences and connections. 

Marcelle's work has been part of significant group exhibitions including Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013), the second New Museum Triennial, New York, USA (2012), Tate Level 2 Gallery, London, UK (2012), the Bienal de Lyon, France (2007), Panorama da Arte Brasileira, São Paulo, Brazil (2007) and Madrid, Spain (2008) and the IX Bienal de la Habana, Cuba (2006). 

Cinthia Marcelle was awarded prelevant International Prizes such as the Future Generation Prize from the Victor Pinchuck Foundation in 2010 and the TrAIN artist in residency award at Gasworks, London, UK in 2009. 

Cruz Ortiz

Ortiz lives and works in San Antonio. He uses print, performance and film to address issues related to growing up in the bicultural landscape of South Texas.

Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a contemporary artist working globally. “I mold reality to create magic. I transform it using its own rules, changing the world one sequin at a time. This is rebellion through beauty.” Gonzalez lives and works between Berlin and New York.

Daniel Lara Ballesteros

Daniel Lara Ballesteros is an artist of sound from Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico. Lara Ballesteros presents at Luminaria the work: Un humá vestit de mono borni és rei entre cecs vestits d animals ( A human dressed of a monkey with one eye, is king among the blind human animals Dresses), 2014

Date Farmers

The Date Farmers, a California artmaking duo consisting of Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez, coined their name early in their careers after joining artistic forces in 1998. From the viewpoint of American-born Chicanos, the Date Farmers explore topical subjects with insightful simplicity. They explore the dangers and injustices affecting Chicano farmworkers, and the imagery used to lure, oppress and inspire us all.

DJ Plata
Doerte Weber

At the most elemental level, weaving consists of warp and weft, each running in a separate direction but intertwined. In Weber's work, the warp consists of colorful cotton thread and the weft is tightly compressed plastic bags or caution tape. Plastic bags from newspapers symbolize a connection to global events as much as to local happenings in our community. These bags are given to her by a network of people, many of whom are anonymous.

Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra (born Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez - his pseudonym loosely translates as “Dr. Delinquent,”) gained attention not only for designing tattoos, but for marking his two-dimensional painting and collage with tattoolike images - in essence, a tattoo artist who tattoos art itself. The Mexico City-born, Oaxaca based artist transforms his obsession with 1950s imagery — vintage magazine advertisements, lucha libre and femmes fatales — and infuses them with humor and a diabolical edge. His 2004 exhibition "Pin-Up: Contemporary Collage & Drawing," at the Tate Modern introduced him to a wide international audience.

Dulce Pinzón

Dulce Pinzón is a photographer from Mexico City, living and working in New York since 1995.  Her portraits show people as identities, as characters, as citizens of countries and of earth.

El sueño de la casa propia

El sueño de la casa propia (Ponk Records) is a project of Chilean José Manuel Cerda, and one of the most original and well respected electronic acts in Latin America today. Launched in 2005 in the port city of Valparaiso, it was born of a search for his own musical language, which mixes sample based music, elements of traditional string instruments and percussion with vaporwave twist and glitch. 

Esferas Perdidas

Esferas Perdidas ("Lost Spheres") is a collective of glass artists from San Antonio founded by Jake Zollie Harper,  Sean Johnston (aka SBall Glass) and Justin Parr. 

Felipe Mujica

Felipe Mujica is a contemporary artist from Santiago de Chile, living and working in New York. His banners in wood and fabric have been shown widely internationally, including in Brazil, China, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. "My work is influenced and shaped by modernism as well as by the artistic, social and political movements of the late 60’s and 70’s (Avant-garde and Neo Avant-garde). As a Chilean artist based in New York City my view on these issues is affected by my geographic displacement, from my point of view there is no real center or periphery, no original or influence, only transitory dominant discourses."

Flaco Jiménez

The legendary San Antonio native took the traditional approach to Conjunto, Norteño and Tejano accordion playing and shot it straight into the stratosphere, winning five GRAMMY Awards, co-founding The Texas Tornadoes alongside Augie Meyers and the late Freddy Fender, and in 2012 was made NEA National Heritage Fellow"What B.B. King is to the blues, or George Jones is to traditional country, Grammy-winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez is to the world of Tex-Mex conjunto," says music critic Ramino Burr in The Billboard Guide to Tejano and Mexican Music

Gary Garay

Gary Garay is an artist and performer from Los Angeles. He also performs as Ganas with Mas Exitos, as a DJ and performer. He takes his artwork and his music back and forth across the Mexican border to Tijuana, collecting stories, records, and discovering things forgotten.

Girl in a Coma

San Antonio’s Girl In A Coma have left a permanent tattoo on the hearts of thousands with their piercing songs and nuclear performances. They’ve blazed a singular trail since Nina Diaz joined the band at age 13 and have found champions and comrades along the way including Joan Jett who signed them, and Morrissey, Sia, Tegan and Sara, The Pogues and Amanda Palmer who have hand selected them for tours. In addition, Robert Rodriguez asked them to compose one of the key songs for his film Machete last year.  All the while, they have been building one of the most impassioned and diverse fan bases in music. Girl in a Coma are that rare feral band, unaffected by trends, that has managed to stay wild and thrill us at every turn.

Guy Hundere

Guy Hundere is a multimedia artist who produces site-specific animated installations. Varied in scale and duration, his infinite video loops consciously disrupt the rectilinear frame, towing the gaze away from the cinematic and letting images bleed into the surrounding architecture.

Hector Zamora

Hector Zamora is a sculptor and conceptual artist whose work interacts almost exclusively in urban public spaces with local materials and populations. His works “urges us to question the everyday uses of materials and the functions of space.” Zamora now lives and works in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Hugo Navarro

Hugo Navarro is a sound artist from Mexico. “El ana´lisis sistema´tico de los procesos y estructuras tanto naturales como culturales son el comu´n denominador en mi obra. Este ana´lisis define mis proyectos y dibujos que son unas veces analogi´as regidas por sistemas de signos y otras veces una cri´tica o un cuestionamiento sobre la funcio´n del arte mismo y mi lugar dentro de este sistema. A si pues uso indiscriminadamente te´cnicas, medios y materiales como soporte para dichos ana´lisis”.

Iván Navarro

Ivan Navarro is an internationally renowned artist from Santiago, Chile.....

Jason Villegas

Jason Villegas writes, “My work expresses human desire through naive representations of man, animal, machine, microbiology, cosmology and merchandise… [using] reconstructed clothing, cardboard, found objects, and fragments from our throw away society.” Villegas lives and works in his native Houston, Texas.

Jimmy James Canales

As legend has it, Jimmy James Canales was born and raised  in San Antonio Texas, earned a BFA at the Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston and a MFA at the University of Texas San Antonio.

Among his many adventures Canales has romanced a cactus, walked across San Antonio twice, sacrificed a low-rider bicycle, survived a dual with the infamous Mat Kubo, eaten a bluebonnet, conjured Mapache Man, and invented Knife Skin Boots.

(Copy and image courtesy of; image courtesy of Artpace, photo credit by Mark Menjivar)

Joey Fauerso

Drawing from the history of painting, dance, and performance art, Joey Fauerso's videos utilize computer applications and painting to explore the nature of human consciousness as it exists in the larger spatiotemporal universe.

John Castillo

A child prodigy and protege of the late accordion maestro Esteban "Steve" Jordan, the now-25 year old John Castillo has earned his own place in conjunto and crossover music history. Castillo's two bands, The Ghostnote Trio and Los Clavos Del Wesso, will take the stage at Luminaria 2014.

Karen Mahaffy

The unexpected experience of a concentrated moment; a chance constellation of randomness which, surprisingly, produces a moment of silent concentration and heightened presence.

Kevin Cacy

You must hit targets in correct order.
Hitting a target out of sequence defeats the special.
A tilt does not disqualify you.
Eject holes collect bonus.
Bonus doubles on last ball.

Kevin Cacy is a filmmaker, archivist and artist.  He has worked on a number of feature and short films in his home state of Texas and has been a programmer with the Marfa Film Festival since it's inception.

La Santa Cecilia

La Santa Cecilia is a Los Angeles-based band who combine their passion for conjunto, cumbia, salsa, and corridos, and combines them with smart indie pop sensibility. La Santa Celiia won a GRAMMY in January for for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, and spread joy and ganas dance-step by dance-step. This year, their stellar cover of John Lenon's "Strawberry Fields" and its imaginative video have helped make them a multimedia sensation.

Las Acevedo

Las Acevedo is a musical project formed by Anabel and Cristabel Acevedo, Dominican twin sisters, who make music their language.

Las Macuanos

Moises Horta, Moises López, and Reuben A Torres make up Las Macuanos, a Tijuana-based indie outfit whose sound revolves, in part, around the theremin.


In just a few months’ time, Luminox's adrenaline-fueled club hip-hop sound has earned him thousands of fans all over the world, as well as recognition amongst some of dance music’s most elite producers and DJ’s. His remixes and originals have rocked festivals and set the standard for everyone attempting to fuse EDM and hip-hop together. Luminox’s live set is packed with shock value and is sure to keep crowds bouncing. This young, versatile producer has no intentions of slowing down and will continue to challenge and defy musical expectations.

Pablo Delgado

Pablo Delgado was born in Mexico City in 1978, but grew up in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He studied Communications and did audiovisual, post-production and directorial work. In 2008 he decided to go back to what was more immediate and started to paint.  Since 2010 he has lived in London, where he completed a MA in Contemporary Art from the University of East London.  While there he was introduced to installations and street art,  and  he has been doing public interventions since then. He has shown his art at Mexico, Stockholm, London, Paris and Belgium and done public pieces in Portugal, Amsterdam, Belgium, London, France, Sweden and Mexico.

Paulo Gael Sánchez Q.

Paulo Gael Sanchez is a nine-year-old San Antonio artist and summer student at the Southwest School of Art whose interests include ancient civilizations and mixed media art creation. His sculptural installation, entitled "The Ancient Pyramid," will be on view outside the San Antonio Public Library during Luminaria 2014.

Radames 'Juni' Figueroa

Radames ‘Juni’ Figueroa creates sculpture and environments that reflect realities of life in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pablo León de la Barra writes of Figueroa’s work, “The constant concern of Radamés ‘Juni’ Figueroa’s work has been to investigate the possibilities for creating an artistic language from a Caribbean tropical context.” His work was included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial and has shown at Sculpture Center. Juni Figueroa

Redell & Jimenez

Kaitlynn Redell and Sara Jimenez are multi-disciplinary artists engaged in intense collaboration. “Through a continual dialogue around ancestry, race, and cultural histories, Redell & Jimenez have developed a multi-media project of performance, installation, and video.” Theirs is a cross-national collaboration connecting Redell in Los Angeles and Jimenez in New York.

Ricardo Cases

Ricardo Cases is a photographer and photojournalist from Orihuela, Spain. He has shot and published three photo books of his artistic photo series. He has photographed people and animals from Madrid to Maryland.

Runo Lagomarsino

Runo Lagomarsino’s work crosses international boundaries, highlighting and questioning effects of colonialism past and present. Curator Sophie Goltz suggests each of his works is also autobiographical, tracing the international line of his heritage. Born in Sweden to Argentinean parents themselves children of Italian immigrants, he lives and works between Sao Paolo, Brazil and Malmo, Sweden.

Santiago "El Chief" Jimenez

Santiago "El Chief" Jimenez Jr., the awarded and legendary accordionist, was inducted into the Conjunto Hall of Fame in 2012.

Sarah and Victor Pagona

Sarah and Victor Pagona are both art educators and working artist. They have collaborated on various multi-media art projects for ten years. Their collaborative work is primarily concerned with voyeurism, public spaces, and the ethereal quality of the project image as a metaphor for contemporary life.

Sarah and Victor live in San Antonio with their lovely talented children, 2 fish, 2 frogs, I dog; lots of books and a huge record collection. They are probably louder than they need to be, laugh more than those around them, and embrace life with open arms.

Sarah is an art teacher at Ronald Reagan High School where she is also Chair of the Fine Arts Department.

Victor is Professor of Photography at the Southwest School of Art where he is also Chair of the Photography Department.

Shek Vega

Shek Vega is a painter, designer, collagist, muralist, activist, and gallery owner from San Antonio.

Shizu Saldamando

Shizu Saldamando was born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District to Japanese and Mexican parents. Her painting and experimental media artwork depicting striking portraits of members of LA subcultures has been exhibited in California and across the United States. Saldamando lives and works in Los Angeles.

Texas Tornados with Flaco Jimenez

Texas Tornados is the “ultimate Tex-Mex super group…” The San Antonio based band are giants in the field. “Augie Meyers and Flaco Jiménez reunite with the son of Doug Sahm, Shawn Sahm,” to bring the spirit of Texas Tornados back to San Antonio. The Texas Tornados with their infectious, party-ready sound, blending early rock & roll, Mexican folk music, R&B, blues, and whatever other roots music crosses their paths are back and hitting the road!

Together as the Texas Tornados, they won a GRAMMY® award for best Mexican American performance for “Soy De San Luis” from their self-titled debut album, which they recorded in English and Spanish versions with the original band members Freddy Fender and Doug Sahm. It spawned other well-known classics as “Who Were You Thinkin’ Of,” “(Hey Baby) Que Paso” and “She Never Spoke to Me in Spanish.” Their popularity earned them invitations to perform at President Clinton’s inaugural ball, the David Letterman Show, the Montreaux Jazz Festival, and they performed multiple times at Farm Aid and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The legendary San Antonio native, Flaco Jiménez took the traditional approach to Conjunto, Norteño and Tejano accordion playing and shot it straight into the stratosphere, winning five GRAMMY Awards, co-founding The Texas Tornadoes alongside Augie Meyers and the late Freddy Fender, and in 2012 was made NEA National Heritage Fellow. "What B.B. King is to the blues, or George Jones is to traditional country, Grammy-winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez is to the world of Tex-Mex conjunto," says music critic Ramino Burr in The Billboard Guide to Tejano and Mexican Music

The Lullwood Group

The Lullwood Group is an artist collective/collaborative that seeks to encourage audience participation, foster exploration and promote art discovery in many forms. Members include artists Connie Swann, Clay McClure, Julie Ledet, Joe Harjo, Joseph Duarte, Emily Barker Delgado, Esteban Delgado, Chris Castillo and Andrew Leo Stansbury. Together they work to form a curatorial troupe, opening exhibitions at 107 Gallery on Second Saturdays in the Lone Star Art District.

Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto is an artist from and based in Cuba... "He has a university diploma as a painter but he has not painted anything for the last 10 years."

PO Box 120188, San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 721-1670