San Antonio's Contemporary Arts Festival - Saturday, November 10, 2018


Bus, Car, Boat, Feet or Bike? 

BUS! Celebrate art in San Antonio with VIA Metropolitan Transit! Route and schedule information to be confirmed closer to the festival date. Visit VIA for more information.

CAR! Because of the Saturday night art festival's location in Hemisfair, Luminaria does not have public confirmed event parking. Please car pool or consider using a taxi or rideshare service. For the San Jose Mission Program on Sunday day, there is ample public parking.

BOAT! River barges can drop you off at the river entrance to Hemisfair by the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center! Can you think of a more majestic way to arrive?

FEET! Luminaria contemporary arts festival will be located in Hemisfair, which is accessible around all perimeters if you're on foot! Get those steps in! Visit Hemisfair for more information.

BIKE! Hemisfair has lots of new bike racks, as well as a bike share  SWell Cycle station! We also hope to offer a Bike Valet Service! Details TBA closer to the festival date.

PO Box 120188, San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 721-1670