An avant-garde power-soul band by Daniela Riojas, Alex Scheel, Jeff Palacios, Darian Thomas, and Eric Peterson, Femina-X uses a blend of electronic beats, atmosphere, and foundational live instruments stemming from a hunger to evolve. Through a primal-meets-modern hybrid of machine and (wo)man, it actively hones in on the colorful space between any and all labels, while creating unconventional fusions. One inspiration for their Luminaria 2015 performance was their recent trek through Colombia. Riojas writes: …the trip to Colombia provided us with a glimpse into the true power of ceremony…The spirit is strong here [in San Antonio] and we need to acknowledge its power and dance with its nature…use our bodies and voice as conduit[s] for this great spirit.

Femina-X performed on October 23rd on the Street Stage.

Year2015Linkwww.facebook.comLocationLos Angeles, California