Land Heritage Institute

Land Heritage Institute (LHI), in collaboration with EPIcenter, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the Land Art Generator Initiative, presented the world’s first Solar Mural installation, a Land Art Generator artwork. La Monarca, a giantloteriacard celebrating San Antonio’s status as the National Wildlife Federation’s first Monarch Butterfly Champion City, included an image by San Antonio artist Cruz Ortiz. The image was embedded into the solar-energy-producing-film that constituted the surface of this Land Art Generator artwork. LHI also hosted the 5thbiennial LHI Art-Sci Symposium in partnership with Luminaria in Southtown on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at The Mercury Project (538 Roosevelt Avenue), free and open to the public.

Year2017Linkwww.landheritageinstitute.orgLocationSan Antonio, Texas