Convergent Media Collective, The

The Convergent Media Collective is an arts, technology and community-building coalition. Presenting two projects for Luminaria each work of art represents a reciprocal learning and mentoring experience, wherein the Collective learns and the clients are exposed to cutting edge work. In Kinetic Visualization Station, the goal is to transmit sensory information from the human body in media-inflected visions never seen before. For Tortillas & Technology, the Collective invites the audience to an innovative one­-stop print station – on a tortilla.

The Convergent Media Collective’s Kinetic Visualization Station was installed on October 23rd and November 13th at a Vacant Lot. Tortillas & Technology was showcased on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Year2015Linkwww.thecmcollective.orgLocationSan Antonio, Texas