Más Rudas

The Chicana art collective Más Rudas began in 2009 by members Ruth Leona Buentello, Sarah Castillo, Kristin Gamez, and Mari Hernandez. Together they create installations using video, photography, illustration, performance, and fiber arts to demonstrate Chicana identities. Más Rudas loosely defined is “to be tough, to be defiant, and without apology.” Their work subverts the traditional canon of art, and “challenges the view of women as subordinate, passive, inferior, dainty, and polite. For their Luminaria project, Walking Altars is an original performance confronting contemporary American experiences of oppressed people. Incorporating handmade costumes, Más Rudas personify the South Texas tradition of yard altars.

Más Rudas performed on October 23rd and on February 19th at the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Year2015Linkwww.masrudas.comLocationSan Antonio, Texas